An annual re-registration fee is payable by all students at any time after 1 December the previous year but before 31st January in the current year. Late re-registration will be accepted from students who do not re-register before 31st January but who do so before 31 July on payment of the full fee plus penalty fee.

It is in the student’s interest to remain on the student roll by promptly re-registering each year before 31st January. Students who wish to write the November examinations must re-register by 31 July. Students who do not re-register in any one year will be charged a penalty determined by the Institute when they come to re-register.

Registration Fees

An entrance fee is charged for all initial registrations. This entrance fee is non-refundable should the registration be refused and is in addition to the registration fee.

Registration Qualifications

The entrance qualifications are as follows:

Every applicant for registration as a student must submit acceptable evidence that he or she has obtained an approved educational qualification.

A) Normal Entry

The minimum entrance qualifications are as follows:

Five subjects at GCE O level (Grade C or better) plus, two subjects passed at GCE A level

a) The subjects must be of an academic or commercial nature (which would exclude Bible Knowledge and Arts and Crafts subjects).

B) In addition to the five Ordinary level subjects the following educational certificates will be accepted for purposes of registration:

  1. A degree or approved diploma of a recognised university in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland or the Republic of South Africa; the British Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland; or a degree of the Council for National Academic Awards in the United Kingdom
  2. A matriculation or matriculation exemption certificate
  3. The diploma of a recognised professional body
  4. Certain National Diplomas or Certificates in Business Studies in Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom or South Africa
  5. The diploma of the Institute of Bankers
  6. The certificate of the Institute of Administration and Commerce
  7. IBAS Intermediate Diploma with five subjects

C) Special Registration

The Institute may at its discretion approve an application from a student who has not fully satisfied the normal registration requirements set out above.

For consideration under this clause applicants must be at least 25 years of age and must have satisfied a substantial part of the normal education requirements, i.e. have passed five subjects at GCE O level and have had three years commercial experience. The five subjects must include English Language passed with A, B or C symbols and one of either Mathematics or Accountancy passes with A, B or C symbols. The remaining subjects must be of an academic or commercial nature and have been passed with A, B, or C symbols.

Exemption Policy

It is the Institute’s policy that exemptions will be granted on application generally on a subject for subject basis to holders of degrees from certain universities or diplomas from other examining bodies. The granting of exemptions remains entirely at the Institute’s discretion.

To be eligible to claim exemptions the other qualification must have been passed in full. (No partial qualification will be considered).

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